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Ann Adhiambo speaks revealing why she killed Eric Maigo | Murder suspect Ann Adhiambo says Eric Maigo raped her


Another stunning twist has emerged over the death of the late Nairobi Hospital acting director of finance Eric Maigo. This is after his suspected killer Ann Adhiambo spoke revealing why she killed the doctor.














According to available information, Ann Adhiambo said that indeed she killed Eric Maigo but her action was based on self defense motive. Adhiambo said that she decided to stab Maigo to death after he raped her. As she claims, Maigo forcefully slept with her that night something that angered her prompting her to take action to defend herself from more harm.









This has left many people now confused as to whether the 26 years old teenager is honest or she is simply accusing Maigo falsely in order to get away with the murder. Prosecution side requested the court to allow them remand her for a period of 21 days as they carry out investigations over the alleged rape.







Ann Adhiambo was identified as the main suspect in the murder after CCTV camera revealed her pictures while she was leaving the premises where Maigo was living. In one frame, she is seen scaling down a perimeter wall while stepping on a nearby water tank. After her name and photos were released, the DCI officers managed to nab her a week later at Olympic area in Kibera slums while she was hiding at her friend’s house.