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Anita Ray Discloses Strange Disease Keeping Her Away From Social Media


Media personality Anita Raey has explained to her social media fanbase why she has gone missing for a while. She revealed that she is undergoing a journey of recovery from a serious condition called Bell’s Palsy.

On her tiktok account the celebrated social media enthusiast stated that she fell sick over a month ago and since then she has been on her way to recovery.
Anitah also revealed that she is greatful to her family and friends since they have held her hand through the journey of recovery.
She posted,
“Fell sick a month ago and it’s been a roller-coaster. Am getting better and healing from Bells Paralysis. Am grateful for life honestly. For family and for everyone who has held my hand through this. Super grateful .God has been faithful. #annitahraey #sick #bellspalsy #recovery #family”

Bell’s Palsy is a rare medical condition that is characterized by the weakening of a half of the facial muscles. The condition contributes to a drooping effect on the affected side.

According to Mayo clinic the cause effect of the rare ailment remains unknown. Experts believe that the ailment is caused by a swelling and inflammation of the facial nerves that control movement.The condition can be caused by a reaction that mostly occurs after being infected by a virus.

The symptoms of the ailment include, paralysis of one side of the face, a drooping mouth and eyebrow among other symptoms. Symptoms may begin to improve within a few weeks with the full recovery occurring at six months. Anita’s fans have begun sending in quick recovery messages as some prayed for her good health