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Andrew Kibe Biography, Age, Education, Career, Wife, Relationship, Net Worth


Andrew Kibe is a name that is quite common on major social media platforms. He is a Kenyan content creator based in US and his constant criticism and feuds with Kenyan artists and celebrities gave him popularity and fame among those who believe in his ideologies. His negative perception of women has also contributed to his fame.


Kibe has no third name and if you are looking for his three names then there are high chances you will not get. He is simply Andrew Kibe. He was born on 1st July 1976 and he is a Kikuyu by tribe. A lot about his family is not avaitas he is believed to have issues with the family making him not ready to reveal much about them.


Kobe has a very scanty and brief education background. He joined the prestigious Milimani Boys school in Nairobi after his primary education which is not clear where he attended. Some of the notable classmates at Milimani was Mutula Kilonzo Junior, who is currently the governor of Makueni county. Kobe openly boasts of not going to university as he believes university turns students to zombies and make them unable to think and poor.


Kibe has a career path that is full of disappointments. As at now, he is a fulltime content creator in US but his content involves poking holes into other  celebrities’ lives and commenting on issues affecting the country. He has earned massive following for his stance on women that he shows through his tiktok account and YouTube channels.

Kibe runs these social media accounts mainly,according to him, to educate boys and men on how to avoid being misused by women. Many of his followers are those who believe in his way of thinking and he always offer counseling services to those who reach out to him.

Before turning into a content creator, Kibe started his career as a radio presenter at the NRG radio where he was a cohost of Kamene Goro in the NRG Morning Breaksfast show. He held very firm opinion on women during the show and the two were fans favorites.

Due to their fame, they were soon poarched by rival radio station Kiss FM where they worked together in the morning show. This however, saw them land onto legal tussle with NRG radio which sued them at the Labour and Relations court for breach of contract.

Kibe’s life at Kiss FM did not even last a year as he was fired though to avoid embarrassment, Kibe on his side has maintained that he resigned. Sources reveal that he was fired for misconduct and failure to follow work ethics. He at some point was involved in an embarrassing altercation with police officers something that is believed to have led to his firing.

His end at Kiss FM in 2020, according to him was the beginning of his financial struggles as he had a lot of problems thereafter.

Kibe in 2013 even contested as Lang’ata constituency member of parliament but lost terribly. He describes this as being ‘young’ and unable to reason which made him waste money and get into debts.

Before turning to what he is, Kibe allegedly even became a pastor. He tried being a pastor and there are photos showing him in very deep prayers and in pulpits. He said that he hopped from one church to another trying to be like those pastors who speak in tongues. He left church when he realized many of the pastors are fake.

Marriage and dating

His marital status as at now is divorced. Kibe got a church marriage after being coerced by his friends to marry a woman be met in choir. However, they later divorced.

He has since been single though some of Kenyan celebrities have been accusing him of being kept by an old woman in US. Others even alleged that he made it to US after agreeing to date a man making him  gays but Kibe’s strong opposition to LGBTQ proves that he is straight.

Net Worth

Kibe despite having gone through a lot of financial challenges managed to come back to his feet and he has made some considerable wealth. Even though his Rogue Radio collapsed, he has a very active a d famous podcast. He is roughly ksh.10 million rich.

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