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Andrew Kibe Announces Date and Time he will Arrive in Kenya


Blogger and content creator Andrew Kibe is set to land in the country. According to his post on his X account, Kibe revealed that he will land on Friday 1st of December 2023 at 7 pm Kenyan time.

As at now Kibe is in Dubai where he landed from US as he is enroute to Kenya. While in Dubai, he met several Kenyans and he even gave an interview revealing how he lost his YouTube channel and gave details about his Yaafrika platform. Kibe is expected to have an event which is more of a talk show for men and will be charged ksh. 20,000 to attend.

He is coming to Kenya at a time he is at loggerheads with many Kenyan celebrities some of whom have threatened him with dire consequences should he step in Kenya. KRG the Don himself has promised to meet him at the airport and do very insane thing to Kibe.

Mungai Eve’s boyfriend Trevor had sometimes back promised to go to jail if that is what it takes but he must ensure Kibe feels some pain in case he steps on the Kenyan soil. Kenyans are now waiting to witness what will really happen on Friday when Kibe lands.


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