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Amount of salary Kenyan maids in Saudi Arabia are paid


Every year, many Kenyan ladies are going to the gulf countries of  Saudi Arabi, Lebano, Kuwait and Qatar. They are flocking these arabian countries in search of job opportunities and the only available job opportunities for them is the domestic works. They work as maids or rather househelps. Despite the several cases of mistreatment and even deaths in these countries, these ladies are stil determined to go as they believe someon`s death is their own destiny.

Problems Kenyan maids face in Gulf

  • Death

There are many cases where these ladies got killed or were left to suffer due to disease till death. Some employers are cruel that they push some of these girls to death.

  • Mistreatment

Some bosses will mistreat you by not even giving you food despite working longer hours. Some maids even sleep late in the night.

  • No payment

There are cases where some go for months without payment and the agency do not even follow up.

  • Being beaten

Some ladies have been beaten and even maimed by cruel employers especially when they do mistakes like even breaking a plate accidentally.

  • Forced sexual acts

There have been cases where some were forced into sexual acts especially with their bosses`s sons. If they try refusing or reporting they may face other serious problems like being killed or beaten.

  • Being confined in the house

In these gulf countries, women have no freedom amd so these domestic workers are also denied freedom of going out. Their lives are confined within the kitchen.

Salaries of Domestic workers

Salaries vary depending on the country, agency, work experience and the contract agreement you signed. According to reports, a house helper in Saudi Arabia makes between 4,680 SAR and 9,200 SAR a month. The monthly value of this wage ranges from around 153,000 to 301,000 Kenyan Shillings. Their pay typically varies according on their level of experience.

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