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Amount of Money Ruto’s Government has Borrowed so far


Debts is one of the hurdles that the current government is fighting to tame but it appears that there is no any hope of coming out of debt crisis soon.

Since taking power, the Kenya Kwanza has been in office for over 15 months but they have borrowed what is even more than former president Uhuru Kenyatta’s borrowings in his 10 years in office.

According to reports, Ruto-led government has borrowed a whooping ksh. 2.40 trillion in just the first 15 months in office. This sends an alarm that Kenya’s debt is going to skyrocket to unbelievable amounts by the time of election in 2027.

While this government has been heaping blames and counter blames on previous regime for over borrowing and reliance on debts, it is shocking to learn that they they have secured more loans and grants in just a year and three months than the entire Uhuru’s time.

Kenyans have been complaining over the borrowings which add burden on them in terms of high and increased taxation yet there is nothing to show or rather account for the money borrowed.


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