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American YouTuber, Mr Beast is congratulated for drilling 52 water wells in Kenya


Kenyans have criticized leaders in the provision of government services after American YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson aka Mr Beast dug 52 dams in the country. The YouTuber started drilling 100 wells in Africa while 52 are in Kenya.

According to him, he was shocked by the dirty water that children use while at school. According to the content creator, such projects do not need much money from the government, only good-willed people to help.

He asked well-intentioned citizens to continue donating money to support the construction of many wells and to carry out many projects to improve human life.

“These 100 wells we built in Africa will change many lives but it is definitely not enough. That is why we need your help,” he said.

When a well is dug, the water is transferred to tanks located in water towers to provide clean and easily accessible water to the locals. Donaldson revealed that the mainland project took more than eight months to complete A content creator with over 200 million YouTube subscribers shared a journey that shows before and after projects.

While in the country, he built a bridge that was in a bad condition, especially during this rainy season. He also donated computers, shelves, books, play equipment, whiteboards and projectors to primary schools in the country.

He also went to Zimbabwe, and Cameroon to build more wells to change the lives of the locals. Speaking on the issue, Kenyans took the opportunity to compare Mr Beast’s projects with those started by local leaders.

Some Kenyans complained that leaders use more resources to launch projects instead of the total amount of money used in the projects themselves. They also expressed fear that some local leaders might take credit for Donaldson’s projects.

“Let’s watch the leaders carefully, they can launch these wells,” one commented. Others remembered the case of Home Affairs Minister Kithure Kindiki when he was the Senator for Tharaka Nithi when he launched a clay class after the arrival of the chopper. “Mr. Beast has done what our leaders should have done in the past. Only Kenya is crying about the water shortage but there is a solution,” said one Kenyan.