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Amber Ray And Kennedy Rapudo Welcome First Child


Amber Ray and Kennedy Rapudo Announce Birth Of Their First Child

Socialite Faith Makau ,also known as Amber Ray, and her partner Kennedy Rapudo have celebrated the arrival of their first child. In an announcement made on Monday ,Ms Ray Joyfully shared the news on her social media platforms, introducing her newborn daughter to the world.

Reflecting on the concept of “you only live once” ,she contemplated whether this popular saying holds true , pondering the possibility that a single day could feel like a thousand years and vice versa. Although she may have some unanswered questions at present , Amber Ray is relishing the blissful moments of becoming a mother.

Amber Ray expressed her deep appreciation for her partner as she referred to him as the angel of their home and celebrated her new role as a mother. She warmly welcomed her baby A into their hone, expressing the joy of finally being able to see , hear touch her child after feeling their presence throughout their entire life. It marked the beginning of a brand new life filled with countless possibilities.

Simultaneously, Kennedy Rapudo shared photos of his partner in the hospital shortly after their child’s birth. He marveled at her strength and acknowledged the immense challenges of carrying another human being, which he had never experienced himself.

He praised her for teaching him the true meaning of strength and enduring all the physical changes and kicks to bring their child into the world. Kennedy expressed his gratitude for Amber Ray , emphasizing that she is uniquely suited for him. He extended his congratulations to her.

The Nairobi Hospital also joined in celebration , sharing a photo of Amber Ray during her time at their facility and congratulating her on becoming a new mother.

Amber Ray’s recent announcement comes as a surprise to many since she is still sharing photos from her stunning maternity photo shoot with her fiancé ,Kennedy Rapudo