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Akothee Takes A Break From Social Media After Getting Married


Madam Boss Akothee Ditches Social Media For A While

Akothee recently made a public announcement declaring her decision to keep off from social media platforms. Her Primary motive is to safeguard herself from the detrimental effects of negativity and unwanted attention.

During this period of her absence from social media , she will also be actively involved in the process of welcoming her seventh child into the world. Remarkably, she has already selected a name for her upcoming bundle of joy

Akothee and her husband are presently endeavoring to conceive a child. The motivation behind their efforts stems from Akothee’s disclosure of experiencing multiple miscarriages.

These unfortunate losses were attributed to her age, which is beyond the typical recommended reproductive age for women. To those who may question or doubt this claim, Akothee suggests seeking clarification from a qualified gynaecologist regarding the concept of geriatric pregnancy

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