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Akothee Biography, Networth, Children, Houses


Esther Akoth, expertly known as Akothee, is a Kenyan artist lyricist and a specialist best known for her great afro-beat melodies which are typically joined by sultry moves. Akothee is the child of an executive father and a diplomat mother in Kisumu County

Esther Akoth demonstrates to be probably the wealthiest big name in Kenya by showing her various costly autos, the vast homes she possesses, and her multiple organizations, the most noticeable one being Akothee Safaris-a visits and travel organization.

Nick Names

Madam Boss

President of Single Mothers

Akothee gas cylinder

Akothee Black

Akothee Education

Akothee attended Nyabisawa Girls high school but abandoned in Form 2 when she disappeared with her then-husband. Afterward, She went back to school, and in 2004, she sat for her Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) in Wasio Mixed Secondary School. Akothee placed her KCSE results slip on the social press, and astonishingly she was index number 34 and scored a whole of C+. Among the grades that were displayed in her result slip is the A plain she got in History subject and the D- that she got in Mathematics subject.

Love life

Akothee’s love life is packed with ups and downs and narration that will make you drop a tear. It was in Form two schoolchild at Nyabisawa Girls when she chose to run away with a boy from the bordering boy’s school. According to Akothee, it is the sweet letters that the boy used to dispatch that made her insane. Although she came from a loving home, that did not block the 14-year-old Akothee from ensuing her heart and escaped with the boyfriend. Akothee then went to stay with her mother-in-law in Migori County. In her mother-in-law’s house, she operated as a maid for seven good years.

In 2000, her parents in law chased her away, but she did not reveal why. She later relocated to Kanga. In Kanga, Akothee began her Omena or dagaa trading business to advance money for her family support and her school fees. Her husband completed his university learning in the year 2003 and the two linked again to attend to their children. This accorded Akothee the opportunity to go back to school. After Akothee completed her education, she pursued her husband to Nairobi, and they began an elementary life together. According to Akothee, their experience in Nairobi was such a humble and simple one.  They would borrow simple cooking items from their neighbors like mwikos and sufurias. In 2006 astonishingly, Akothee’s husband left her after things started to work well on his side, leaving Akothee alone to feed and pay school fees for the children.

On October sixth, 2006, Akothee isolated from her significant other. The man dumped Akothee when he had quite recently begun getting rich, and he left her with three children. He had likewise been engaged with an extra-conjugal issue. Because of the separation, Akothee moved to Mombasa, where she joined her sibling in the taxi business. The two used to work the taxi reciprocally. It was while driving the cab in Mombasa that Akothee met a French representative who was dazzled by her. The French representative’s interest drove him to Akothee and needed to know whether Akothee had a child as she had a milk recolor on her chest. Akothee came clean with him, and the man felt sympathy about her.

The French negotiator noted down her contacts and welcomed himself to her home. Akothee acquainted him with her young family and he at that point welcomed them to West Africa where he was working. Akothee acknowledges the way that this man helped her monetarily. He offered to extend her taxi business, and she accepted the open door to wander into the tourism activity business. While she was with this man, she figured out how to open a bar in Shanzu named The Stomp 196, and he got her the initial van in Akothee Safaris. They moved to Switzerland, yet she felt that wedding this man was not going to occur and the man just needed children from her, pushing her to move back to Kenya when she was nine months pregnant. Akothee returned to Kenya and began her musical journey.


Akothee Children

Akothee is a mother of five kids, three little girls, and two boys. Her three girls are results of her first marriage, while her boys were born from various affairs with outsiders. Akothee bore her firstborn little girl when she was simply yet 14 years of age. Her name is Vesha Shalian Okello. Her second kid additionally a young lady was born when Akothee was 15 years of age.

In a miserable happening, this kid passed away after a long ailing period and Akothee who was monetarily insufficient at the time couldn’t raise enough cash to take her to an emergency clinic. Akothee conceived her third kid, Celine Dion Okello, otherwise known as Celly or Baby Rue when she was sixteen years of age. In 2000, Akothee brought forth her third girl, Prudence Apundo. Akothee has two boys named Oyoo and Ojwang, whom she energetically alludes to as Ruler Oyoo and Sovereign Ojwang.

Concerning child-rearing, Akothee has a solid bond and a sustaining association with every one of her kids. She uncovers this through how she gives her kids presents on their birthday events to how she gladly portrays them at whatever point she gets the opportunity.

At the point when any of her children turn eighteen, Akothee endowments him/her with a vehicle among other costly blessings which makes it resemble a custom.


Akothee has expected total assets of 6.2 billion Kenyan shillings. Nelly Oaks, her administrator, uncovered this to quietness gossipy tidbits that Akothee was worth 300 million Kenyan shillings. Akothee’s total assets can be ascribed to her advantages in Kenya, which are worth around 1 billion Kenyan shillings. Also, her total assets might be so huge because of her organizations, for example, the Akothee Safaris tourism organization and the Morning Star Diani foundation, which looks to give five-star comfort at three-star costs. Her vocation in music additionally has something to do with Akothee’s high total assets. Akothee once uncovered that she charges 1 million Kenyan shillings for a joint effort with a craftsman for a melody. She paid Flavor 6 million for their coordinated effort on the ‘Give It To Me’ hit song, and she allegedly paid Tanzanian Diamond Platnumz 1.7 million for their joint effort on ‘Sweet Love.’

Taxi Business

With the minimal expenditure, she had set aside, she went to a driving school and turned into a matatu driver. She at that point, later on, moved to Mombasa where she turned into a cabbie.

While hands-on, she met a Swedish man who welcomed her back to his nation of origin. Lamentably, as destiny would have it, things didn’t work out as she had arranged. The man showed her out while she was nine months pregnant, and she needed to return to Kenya. In any case, this time she had some cash on her, enough to put well in her taxi business.

While as yet continuing ahead, of course, she met a French man who was then the French representative to Djibouti. This was the defining time of her life as she had made it big. The man was genuinely stacked and given her rich endowments and goliath measures of cash. The man once talented her with a fresh out of the plastic new Prado on her birthday and sent her KSH 80 million to put a rooftop over her developing family. The French man is the dad of her last conceived, be that as it may, they are presently isolated.

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Esther Akothee is more mainstream for her colorful way of life than for her music. She shops in the most trendy stores in Europe, drive showy vehicles, and is supposed to search for a jet. She has three homes in Mombasa, Nairobi, and Nyanza. That is other than an extravagance high rise in the North Coast and a four-bedroomed cushion in Zurich, Switzerland.

Homes and Houses

The Akothee house in Mombasa that has sixteen rooms and every required amenities. This was uncovered by Kenyan comic Jalango, otherwise known as, Jalas, who visited the home. Jalango announced that when he was at the house, he utilized twelve white towels and fifteen bedcovers. Besides, he was taken care of by an individual masseuse and a private gourmet expert. He dozed on a 12×10 bed. Akothee’s home in Mombasa is worth around 120 million Kenyan shillings.

she claims another home in Rongo, Migori Region, which is worth around 100 million Kenyan shillings.

Esther Akoth’s house in Nairobi is worth 80 million Kenyan shillings.

She likewise possesses an extravagance high rise in North Coast.

Aside from her extravagance homes, Akothee likewise possesses a four bedroomed cushion in Zurich, Switzerland worth around 50 million dollars. This adds up to about 83% of her total assets

Akothee Songs

  • Oyoyo featuring McGalaxy
  • Give It To Me featuring Flavour
  • Sweet Love featuring Diamond Platnumz
  • Benefactor
  • Yuko Moyoni
  • New Dance featuring Oc Oscillation
  • Nimechoka
  • Pashe
  • Katika
  • Djele Djele
  • Shengerera Mama
  • Bougerie
  • Tucheze
  • Muje
  • Mwituasa
  • Rollam
  • Baraka
  • Basi
  • Baby daddy


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