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Aisha Jumwa Biography, Age, Politics, Marriage, Education

Aisha Jumwa

Malindi Township  MP Aisha Jumwa is a household name when it comes to coast politics. The former Kilifi woman representative is also among vocal women leaders in the country. Jumwa is loved for her political confidence and firmness.

Date of Birth

Hon Aisha Jumwa Katana was born on 23rd March 1975 in Takaungu, Kilifi South Constituency in Kilifi County

Education Background

She went to Takaungu Primary School and later joined Murray Girls Secondary School, where she dropped out in form two due to lack of school fees.

After staying out of school for two years, she decided to venture into small businesses and later on tried her hand in politics and fortunately was elected as a councilor. Then, she went back to school and completed her secondary education while serving as a councilor.

She later joined Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology in 2013 and graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in 2016 while serving as a Women Representative.

Family Background

Hon Aisha is the second born in a family of five. She is a single mother of three children, namely; Karisa, Selina, and Ruth. She is also a caring grandmother to the young Morgan.

Aisha Jumwa Husband, Marriage Life

Aisha Jumwa has been married twice. Most recently, she had been married to her fellow politician Karisa Nzai Munyika whom they met in the 2000s.

The duo met while they were both politicians (councilors) by then. Munyika was the councilor of Mombasa municipal council, while Jumwa was the councilor representative of Takaungu in Kilifi.

The couple separated in the year 2014 shortly after Jumwa had been elected as the woman representative for Kilifi County in the 2013 general election, and Munyika elected as the MCA representative of the Jomvu ward in Mombasa. The couple had been together for about nine years, and they had been blessed with a daughter. Jumwa had two other children from her first marriage in which the name of her first husband is not mentioned.

It is speculated that their relationship collapsed when Jumwa was elected the woman representative for the whole Kilifi county while Karisa Nzai was elected as the Jomvu ward Mca.

In the case of her first marriage, Jumwa had returned back the dowry to her inlaws via the area sub-chief after her then-husband said so if she was not going to keep off politics. The dowry was said to consist of goats, cows, and Kshs. 20,000 cash, which Jumwa paid fully. Karisa Nzai, who contested for Jomvu constituency in 2017, chose to hold his tongue and not to utter any words regarding their separation. Aisha Jumwa is the mother of three.

aisha jumwa husband
Aisha Jumwa

Aisha Jumwa Career

Jumwa began her political career as an activist at the coast, where she attended political meetings and yelling herself hoarse over what she termed as injustices at the coast.

Jumwa once served as Takangu KANU youth leader and was elected as Takangu Municipality councilor twice between 1997 and 2007. Opposition leader Raila Odinga frequently preferred Jumwa to Mekatilli Wa Menza, a well-known freedom fighter due to her firmness, fearless nature, and confidence.

Jumwa was elected Kilifi woman rep in 2013 on the Orange Democratic Movement party. She was elected Malindi Township MP in the hotly contested election on the ODM party ticket in 2017.

Jumwa is now a foremost coastal politician whose influence will play a critical part in who becomes the next president after Uhuru Kenyatta in 2022. In what political analysts say is a blow to the Odinga should he choose to compete in the 2022 general election, the vocal MP has proclaimed support for DP Ruto.

The mother of three has wanted to run for governor since 2015, and she says the vision is closer to reality. It’s time to take more significant responsibility for the people of Kilifi, she says.

“I was the first woman to be elected under the new Constitution as the Woman MP of Kilifi, then I shifted the goalpost to a single constituency and won as well. I feel I have something big to offer, thus my resolve,” she said.

Governor Kingi has not said whom he will support or give political direction to the county about supporting ODM or Jubilee. Some insiders say whomever Kingi supports will become the next governor.

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Leadership Skills

Aisha Jumwa Katana’s leadership skills were honed when she was first elected as a councilor and later became chairperson of Kilifi Town Council. She would then vie for a Parliamentary position in 2007 for the larger Bahari Constituency but, unfortunately, did not make it. This, however, did not dampen her spirits since, in 2013, she decided to contest for the Kilifi woman representative seat and won.

She is credited for having started the Guma water project, which would enable the residents of a village, which was marginalized for a long time have access to piped water. Through her initiative, she also has two water projects running funded by the Coast Water Project, which has seen them acquire two water pans at the cost of Sh5 million each.

In collaboration with Hon Rachel Ruto, she oversaw the launch of table banking under Joywo, and so far, they have managed to register 500 groups. She has started dividing the concept at the sub-county level, and so far, one has kicked off in Malindi. She has also initiated several education projects.

“Due to the poor performance, the county has been registering in KCPE, and I saw the need to purchase mattresses for primary schools so that Class Eight pupils can become boarders. So far, I have donated to ten primary schools and hope to increase the number,” says Katana.

She has also initiated a project of donating chairs and tents to women groups so that they can hire them out during functions and get an income. She is also encouraging people of Kilifi to practice agriculture as a way of sustaining their livelihood. She has since constructed seven greenhouses worth Sh600,000, which are funded by the Ministry of Agriculture.

She cites a lack of funds as one of her biggest challenges. “People have big expectations for us. Hence, the Government needs to do something to support us,” she says.

She hopes to mentor more women from her county to take up leadership positions. “I will be going for a parliamentary position in the next general elections so that another woman can come on board and take the seat, which I currently hold. I don’t want women to feel like they are not allowed to lead because they can make outstanding leaders,” she says.

aisha jumwa
Aisha Jumwa

Aisha Jumwa Arrested

Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa was arrested along with four others after one person was shot dead on Tuesday when they allegedly stormed the home of an ODM candidate on Tuesday.

Ms. Jumwa was arrested on Wednesday (16/10/2019) around 3 a.m. when police raided her home, camping at her gate from 10 p.m. on Tuesday after refusing to grant them access.

Ganda Ward ODM candidate, Ruben Katana’s uncle, was shot dead in confusion following Thursday’s by-election after the Malindi MP and her team stormed his home where he met poll agents.

Speaking to Nation before her arrest, Ms. Jumwa said that after Malindi Sub-County Police Commander Philip Wambugu delayed acting on calls to disperse the gathering, Ms. Jumwa went home to protest against what she said was an unlawful meeting.

“According to the rule, campaigns ended on Monday at 6 pm, and once I received reports that the ODM candidate held an illegal meeting, I decided to go and protest why the police did not do their job,” the combative MP said.

Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa freed on Sh500,000 cash bail as a probe on the killing of an ODM supporter in the Ganda area continues, court rules. Aisha Jumwa and her bodyguard Geofrey Okuto has been released on a cash bail of Ksh 500 000 or Ksh 1 million bonds by the Mombasa Law court after staying in a police cell for two days. Judge rules police have no evidence to detain the accused persons.

aisha jumwa arrested
Aisha jumwa in police custody

Aisha Jumwa Blames Joho, Kingi For Her Woes

Embattled Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa pulled Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho and his Kilifi counterpart Amason Kingi into their woes as the Criminal Investigation Directorate (DCI) winds up inquiries into the fatal shooting of Ganda Ward representative Reuben Katana’s uncle.

Ms. Jumwa and her aide Geoffrey Okuto, arrested after Jola Ngumbao’s death after storming Mr. Katana’s home on the eve of the by-election, were released on each bail of Sh500,000.

But even as the seven lawmakers from ODM and about 30 MCAs from Kilifi County seek signatures from residents of Malindi to have Ms. Jumwa recalled, she accused the two governors and some MPs of instigating her detention.

Ms. Jumwa, who expressed interest in Kilifi’s gubernatorial seat, told Governors Joho and Kingi that they were engaged in ODM politics rather than development, and of not having area residents’ interests at heart.

DCI question Aisha Jumwa over the embezzlement of Ksh. 58 million Public Funds

Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa was on Thursday questioned by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) over allegedly embezzling Ksh.57,711,690 of public funds.

Documents seen by Citizen Digital reveal that the MP’s two children are also implicated in the scandal through their company Kaseru Construction Ltd.

“From the foregoing, it is clear that there was collusion to embezzle public funds, and there was a major conflict of interest on the part of Aisha Jumwa Karisa,” the document from the Economic and Commercial Crimes Unit reads.

Four companies linked to Jumwa are said to have received a total of Ksh. 312,624,464.

Out of this amount, the MP allegedly received a total of Ksh. 57,711,690 into her bank account.

It is alleged that between March 2014 to August 2018, her children’s company Kaseru Construction Ltd received Ksh. 64,735,504 from Kilifi County through their Equity Bank account.

The funds are said to have been for payment of services rendered to the county through a number of tenders.

One of the listed transactions is Ksh. 9,495, 512.05 allegedly sent to Kaseru Construction Ltd on May 11, two years ago.

The DCI report further indicates that after the payment was made, MP Aisha Jumwa coincidentally received Ksh.3million.

At the same time, her Likoni counterpart Mishi Juma Hamisi apparently also received Ksh.3,000,000.

Other transactions under investigation by the DCI include withdrawals from a Cooperative Bank account operated by Jumwa’s son Karisa.

The withdrawals are said to have totaled Ksh. 46,100,509.

The same account was allegedly used to transfer another Ksh. 5,000,000 to Likoni MP Hamisi and Ksh.15,150,000 to Jumwa.

Jumwa’s daughter is alleged to have received Ksh. 40,685,000 from the same account.

A second company—Gadu Stores– also said to be run by Jumwa’s son, was listed in the DCI statement.

He is apparently the sole proprietor of the company that was registered on April 11, 2014, and allegedly contracted to supply ECD furniture to Kilifi County.

An account at Equity Bank under the company’s name reportedly received Ksh. 30,000,000 from the county.

Ksh.4,020,000 from this account was then allegedly transferred to Jumwa via RGTS.

The DCI is seeking to have Jumwa and ten others be prosecuted for abuse of office, money laundering, failing to adhere to procurement procedures, bid-rigging, conspiracy to commit an offense, and fraudulent acquisition of public property.

Aisha Jumwa Clash with Francis Atwoli

During the Labor Day celebration at Uhuru Park on May 1, after Mishi Mboko had spoken and scolded Aisha Jumwa for disrespecting Atwoli, Central Organization for Trade Union (COTU) Secretary General Francis Atwoli Said: “Achana na huyo mama, hata sio type yangu, huyo hata si taste yangu. Anacheza Sana na Jina yangu. Mpime na ruler, hata Hana kiuno(Ignore that lady she is not my taste. She is joking with my personality. Measure her waist with a ruler and you will know she has nothing).

The Malindi Member of Parliament and a diehard of Deputy President William Ruto has clapped back to the outspoken unionist during a funeral service for Kilifi Woman Representative Gertrude Mbeyu’s father, Justus Chitole on Saturday, sarcastically giving a reason why she is not fit of Atwoli caliber.

“Juzi nilisikia mnabweka bweka ooh Aisha Jumwa si type yangu… Atwoli Mimi type yako naijua…wewe umezoea kupeleka machine ya probox , V8 utaiweza ( I recently heard people shouting that Aisha jumwa is not my taste…Atwoli I know your type, you are used to driving a probox will you manage a V8?),” she said.

Atwoli has, on several occasions, expressed his disapproval of Deputy President William Ruto candidature for presidency come 2022 saying, on record, that his name will not be in the ballot.

His remarks were not welcome by all as it attracted czar criticism from allies of Deputy President, including Aisha Jumwa, who dismissed his claims as unfounded.

Aisha Jumwa Clash with Edwin Sifuna

There was drama at the funeral of Mombasa Deputy Governor William Kingi’s father on 4th May 2019 after Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa cut short ODM Secretary-General Edwin Sifuna’s speech.

Jumwa accused Sifuna of talking politics during the funeral and asked him to respect the Mijikenda. Sifuna stated that he had been sent to represent NASA leader Raila Odinga at the sendoff ceremony, but things quickly went south when he started explaining why Jumwa was expelled from ODM.

Facts about Aisha Jumwa

Here are facts about Aisha Jumwa:

1. Born in 1975

Jumwa was born in 1975 and schooled at Takanga primary school before proceeding to Murray secondary school.

She also studied at Ganze secondary school and Nyali senior school.

2. Second Born

Aisha Jumwa is a second born in a family of five.

Mother of three Jumwa is a mother of three. In her biography, the Malindi MP narrates how she dropped school while in form Two to have a child and later proceeded with the school.

3. Graduate

Aisha Jumwa is a commerce graduate from the Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and Technology.

She also holds a certificate in governance from the same institution.

4. KANU youth leader

Jumwa once served as Takangu KANU youth leader and was elected twice as councilor for Takangu Municipality between 1997 and 2007.

Aisha Jumwa foundation.

She established the Aisha Jumwa foundation that advocates for women, youth, and persons living with disabilities empowerment.

5. Equated/likened to Mekatilili wa Menza

Opposition leader Raila Odinga has often liked Jumwa to Mekatillili Wa Menza, a famous freedom fighter because of her firmness, fearless nature, and confidence.

6. Inspiration

Aisha Jumwa got political inspiration from her father, who she says used to compose political songs for politicians.

7. Elected woman rep – 2013

Jumwa was elected Kilifi woman rep in 2013 on the Orange Democratic Movement party.

Malindi Town MP

She was elected Malindi Township MP in a hotly contested election on the ODM party ticket.

Jumwa is now a key coast politician whose influence will play a critical role in who becomes the next president after Uhuru Kenyatta in 2022.

The vocal MP has declared support for DP Ruto in what political analysts say is a blow to the Odinga should he choose to contest in the 2022 general election.

Aisha Jumwa  Contacts

Email: skcharo@yahoo.com
Tel: 0712055922 or 0703176492
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HonJumwa

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