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Airbnb Renters Charged With Stealing Items


OWNERS of houses and apartments for vacation rentals under Airbnb have revealed that they are estimating huge losses in their businesses because some customers steal furniture and other valuables.

This holiday season, businesses are busy because of the many customers who continue to flock to Pwani, Naivasha, Machakos and Nakuru to enjoy themselves. Ms Florence Nasimiyu who is the owner of luxury houses for rent in the prestigious Milimani neighborhood in Nakuru County, says she has started thinking about how to install CCTV cameras in her houses.

This will help him control the thieves and also monitor the movements of their customers. Mrs. Nasimiyu says she owns 13 luxury apartments about seven kilometers from Nakuru city and most of her customers are university students.

“They break the drains or steal light bulbs and sometimes they even take the window curtains,” says Mrs. Nasimiyu.

She says she decided to invest in the business under Airbnb after discovering that many customers who visit Nakuru prefer a place that is calm and away from the city’s distractions.

In addition, many families like to cook for themselves and even enjoy the same freedom as in their own homes. In the Naivasha area, owners have expressed similar complaints, with some customers disappearing with cooking utensils such as spoons and pans. Most of those who steal housewares in Naivasha, one owner has revealed, are beautiful people who have come as a group to settle down.

For example, at this time many university and institute students have graduated from various courses. Mrs. Ann Nduta who is a hostess of one of the Airbnb in South Lake Naivasha road, says it is a behavior that has been witnessed for many days. Sometimes he gets cut from her salary considering that some owners think they are waiters who interact with customers.

She says it is something that has made some of the owners of the houses under Airbnb to increase the responsibility of protecting the property to the employees or else their wages will be cut.

The Airbnb service began to gain popularity after the restaurant business in the country faded away. The areas where the Airbnb business has grown are Malindi, Mombasa, and Kilifi considering that many who visit the respective areas prefer these apartments for temporary rent because the cost is cheap.

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