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Affordable Full-Service Wedding Planning Packages & Services in Nairobi, Kenya


Wedding Photography

Capture candid moments. You want someone who will do an awesome job capturing all the laughter and smiles the day brings, without requiring too many posed photos. We have a team of experienced wedding photographers and videographers who work hand in hand to capture and document the best moments in your wedding.

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Wedding Videographers

Having your day filmed well and professionally lays the ground for excellent editing. We consider all details, from colors to audio quality. Creating a highlight, feature, or full documentary from the ceremony to the reception, which could include interviews, bride, and groom getting prepared, speeches, and any other happenings will make your memory of your special day a true treasure.

Wedding Venues

Getting an appropriate wedding venue can be such a hassle. You want your day to be perfect, and as much as you will decorate the venue, a venue’s natural appearance sets the mood and tone for a wedding day. At Janeson Weddings, we listen to your idea of your ideal venue.  We then present you with various options from our registry for you to choose from.

Wedding DJ

We have a team of DJ’s who are skilled and experienced in offering the best experience for your big day.

Wedding Invitations

Creatively designed wedding invitation cards done by our team of designers with help of our planner.


The program controller for your big day. We have the best and most creative wedding mc who will deliver a memorable performance at your wedding.

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Looking for wedding planners, photographers, videographers, wedding mc or DJ for hire, deco and lighting and sound?

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Wedding Planning

So you have your wedding checklist and having a look at it makes you feel overwhelmed? Don’t worry. We are here to help with the seemingly insurmountable tasks and the hassle that comes with planning for you wedding. From hiring a band,  finding and reserving the perfect venue to coordinating all the vendors and service providers at your big day. Imagine chasing around after vendors in your gown! Totally ridiculous! Our priority is that everybody has the most fun. We offer different wedding planning packages depending on whether you want a full-service wedding planner or someone to help you out with a specific area of planning.

More About Our Full-service wedding planning in Kenya

From finding your dream venue to perfecting your personalized welcome bags, we literally do it all. Full-service clients enjoy the benefits of our experience (over 100 weddings); our connections (with the best wedding garden venues and vendors in the business); and our negotiating prowess. Full-Service Wedding Coordination packages are for the couple who want a full-time professional overseeing every aspect of their wedding day or weekend.  This package includes (but is not limited to) assistance with:


This entails everything that occurs before the wedding. It is also referred to as an engagement shoot. Bridal showers are also held where fundraising continues from friends and family invited. Bridal showers remind the bride that the wedding day is near, therefore she should enjoy her last moments as a spinster, spend time with her girlfriends because once she leaves she will have to focus on building her family.


The bachelorette’s party was derived from the bachelor’s party, which is done for the bridegroom and his friends shortly before his wedding. The groom also gets a chance to have fun with his fellow men knowing that he is going to enter into a lifetime agreement with his wife to be.

These parties marks the last journey for the bride and groom as spinster and bachelor before they settle down as husband and wife. A pre-wedding shoot is also recommended to take these precious moments where the newlyweds head out with their photographer to a location of their choice to capture some moments and talk about the forth-coming wedding it also helps in revisiting the past good moments and to relay the anticipation of the big day.

During bachelorette parties, the bride should not chip in any cash, the bridal team should cater fully for the bachelorette party as a congratulatory treat for the bride either an in town party, a road trip or weekend away (recommended).

Pre-wedding shoots


For best results, it is advisable to contact your photographer earlier like a week before so that you plan on the venue, date and time when the shoot will occur.

Earlier preparations reduces uncertainties, confusion and future disappointments.

This is where you familiarize with the director of photography, ask for advice on the best posing styles, and guidance on composure to make the moment blissful and colorful at the same time.


  • If you choose to have a garden wedding, you can make arrangements with the management and see if your pre-wedding photos can be taken there so that the couple can determine whether the photos are linked thematically and if not changes can be made earlier. Creative photos will add much flavor to the engagement shoot, aerial shots showing the green grass will light up the session in all ways possible depending on the angle.
  • The photos taken can be used to make the invitation cards, in the baking of wedding cakes or as a slide show at the reception for the guests to see. The invited guests can also get entertained by running a slideshow of the pictures taken as they awe to the amazing shots taken.


It is also advisable to create a folder where you will be saving important data. You can save the folder as “wedding things” or any name that suits you. The couple can surf the internet to get more ideas on gown designs, attire to be worn by the bridal party, type of food that is eaten during weddings. How to blend colors instead of clashing colors makes your wedding look exaggerated simplicity brings out the best. Types of locations can also be seen on the internet or testimonials from those who have already tied the knot.

Wedding Day

This is the day where both couples are naïve, anxious some of them don’t close their eyes waiting on the big day. Follow-up of events is planned according to time. Mismanagement of time will lead to mix-up of the day’s events. The bridal party should keep time or rather spend the night at the bride’s or groom’s place so as to save time. The bride is also advised on how to handle issues at home because marriage is not easy. Emotional moments come right about here where the mum cannot believe that the daughter is now someone’s property .The makeup artist should be there on time to make the bride and the party look adorable as possible. All glam and fab is found here.The party should be ready to get down flat shoes are kept at bay just in case one feels uncomfortable. A lively master of ceremony will put the invited guests on toes by entertaining the guests. The cake area should be set a distance away from the dancing arena because who knows what may happen and that would be a devastating scenario .The dining tables should be well decorated and arranged in a way that the guests will crave for the buffet set aside.


After the wedding ensure that nothing was left at the venue. A lot of things can be forgotten due to excitement. Honeymoon can be planned after the wedding considering that the wedding is an expensive process or if the couple had already planned they can start packing for their honeymoon. If the bride wants to keep the wedding gown for sentimental reasons or plan to pass it on to someone else its best if it’s professionally cleaned since you cannot escape getting the gown dirty with all the exercises at hand. You can now preserve the gown, free from dust or if it was too long and heavy it can be hanged. You can also write appreciative notes to all those who came through to make your day a success. You can now change your name to that of your husband or remain with your original names.

Notify your workplace, revenue authorities or rather important officials that you have changed your name so as to avoid problems such as fraud claims in future .If you bought a new house keep everyone updated on your new home address .Wedding blues are expected after the wedding to avoid this one should get busy with social activities, a hobby, a pet or keep your mind focused to the next challenge. After the photographer has done editing your videos, photos, you can also get busy by making a wedding album no matter how old school it may seem .At times we choose to go digital or analogue both can do. Wedding gifts come in handy and you might find that you have too many gifts or duplicated gifts which might not be necessary, you may give out to charity or friends.

Once the wedding is over you may be left with an abundance of confetti, flowers, balloons etc. Sell the expensive things online and some can be given out to charity. All significant décor should be kept safe in a safe box. If you had opened a wedding website its high time that you pull it down since the wedding is over. Mission accomplished! You can also do your suppliers a favor by recommending them to other people. After all these, you can now spend time together as the newlyweds, plan on your future together, share your goals and dreams since you are now one thing.

Budget Assistance

In the making of a budget, the couple is required to tally their savings so that they can prepare themselves for unplanned costs. The couple needs to count their cash so that they know how much to add up from their current source of income, contributions from friends and family is also worthy .It is also advisable for the couple to track their spending so that they set aside cash meant to be used in the wedding preparation.

The venue is the biggest piece depending on the number of invited guests .The couple should also be ready for any upcoming emergencies that may also need cash to fix. Small expenses add up quickly because they are unnoticeable. Things that were not in the budget list should be ignored since they interfere with the planning process. Focusing on the major things first the other minor things can be done later.

Vendor Selection & Management

In vendor management we have activities such as researching and sourcing vendors, obtaining quotations with prices, capabilities, negotiating contracts, and work quality.

Here a review of contracts signed between the clients and the vendors should be reviewed so as to be sure of everything. Organizing vendor time schedule and delivery is also included here. Prior confirmation of attendance of the vendors so that they deliver their service on time. Late confirmations can lead to ruining of the day’s schedule. Choose vendors that are able to deliver and are efficient.

Use elimination method in selecting the vendors and the shortlisted candidates should be notified on time. Request for a proposal and quotation so that you budget. Here negotiation strategies can also be applied since you want to partner with your vendor and call them for greater future deals. Assess all kinds of risks that can occur in the case where a mistake arises in the contract negotiation process.

Discuss broadly with the chosen vendors till you come into an agreement that favors both parties. Know the difference between what you want and what you need. As they say follow your heart and fulfill its desires.

Event Installation & Production

Hiring of sound equipment is necessary according to the couples’ preference whether they want large distributed speaker systems. Quality of the video brings life to your event in a way that even if you watch the clips later you will flow with the mood. Latest technology has brought about desirable work. Lighting is also necessary depending with whether the event will continue till dusk sets in .Lighting creates visibility for the guests and camera men.

Setting of a stage is also essential so that the M.C or entertainer can be seen clearly thus reducing fatigue and maintaining attention. Technicians can also be involved in the wedding in the case where a technical hitch may occur. They will be there to fix the situation at hand. Of course everyone wants an awesome time instead of having an event where there is no music this will lead to boredom of which should be avoided as possible.

Wedding branding & Design

Wedding branding is the overall look, feel and colors chosen for your special day. You can plan on some of the things secretly such as the color, flowers, dresses, props to be used to decorate the venue. A brand has more meaning than a logo. Choose what type of wedding you want modern, traditional or nautical. When designing your paper works such as the invitation cards design with a purpose.

Keep it short and precise including the relevant information .The print and paper quality should be exceptional .Include the essentials on the front such as names, wedding date and location. Add links like which hotels were booked to accommodate the guests. Ensure that the guests are aware of the theme colors so as to have uniformity instead of having a clown wedding. All decorations and confetti should rhyme with the wedding theme color.

The message should be conveyed in an authentic and efficient way. Colors and patterns set the mood and tone. Fonts used in making the invitation cards should be chosen wisely considering the size since not everyone has good eyesight. A florist will recommend   flowers and textural details that will complement the overall look. Catering services and cocktail can be made to fit the color palette chosen, for example plastic water bottles can be branded by using pictures taken during the pre-wedding shoot or the napkins used can be branded using the bride and grooms’ names respectively.

The wedding cake which acts as a centerpiece should reflect the theme colors. Music chosen either by the DJ or the couple should complement the environment you are trying to create.


Our Wedding planning Packages

Full wedding design and planning.

Wedding Management package

Vendor setup and rental of décor

Appointment scheduling, sourcing of wedding suppliers required.

Site inspection.

Wedding Packages in Nairobi 

Like a one stop shop, a wedding package gives you everything you need on your best day from decor to catering, rentals, cake, chairs, linens and transport among others. Some wedding planners offer all these and some offer part of the package depending on the client. Some wedding planning agencies in Nairobi have full house personnel which makes it easy for them to deliver full packages with little effort. For those that out-source, their services vary in efficacy and delivery.

Items to expect in Nairobian wedding packages include;

  1. Wedding invitation cards
  2. Venue
  3. Cake
  4. Flowers and Decor
  5. Setup
  6. Catering
  7. Public Address
  8. Bouncing castle
  9. Video and photography
  10. Reception
  11. Bridal party
  12. Wedding programs printed
  13. Customized gift box
  14. Officiants
  15. Transportation
  16. Beauty, hair, and makeup
  17. Wedding planners
  18. Band or artists
  19. Honeymoon planning
  20. Photobook

All these services are packaged and priced differently.

Do you visualize your wedding day as breathtaking and full of splendor? Janeson wedding planners are here to make your day glorious with our modestly priced packages. Feel honored to have us walk you into a new day. Call 0714444045 or reach us at events@janeson.co.ke today and book with us.

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