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AFCON Mysteries: Africa’s Football Giants all have Fallen


The African Cup of Nations has continued to leave football lovers globally amazed at how things are turning out as preferred teams that are ranked high by the global football body FIFA are all out of the race.

South Africa shocked many after they clinically knocked out Africa’s best country in football; Morocco, by beating them a clean sheet of two goals to book a space in the Quarter finals. This was not even close to the imaginations of many as Morocco were the best team in the competition after their amazing performance in the World Cup 2022.

Previous day, defending champions, the Lions of Teranga, were also shown the door by Ivory Coast on a post match penalties after going a draw of 1-1. The penalties ended 4-5 in favor of the hosts of the competition Ivory Coast.

The Pharaoh’s men were also knocked out after post match penalties by DR Congo. The game had ended in a draw of 1-1 leading to penalties that were taken by 8 players until Egypt’s goalkeeper failed to score his fellow Congo goalkeeper to give the Congolese a win of 8-7 at penalties.

Algeria did not make it out of group stages together with Tunisia to mark the Africa’s big five who have all been bundled out of the competition.

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