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A young woman is accused of hanging herself After Applying For 500 Jobs Without Success


Umiru VILLAGE located in Yala in Siaya County is mourning after one of them was found to have passed away due to what is believed to be hanging herself.

This is according to the police report which states that the body of Vera Amondi Okoth, who was 27 years old, was found hanging in the bathroom with a rope around her neck.

It is alleged that the young lady before taking that step, had complained that out of the 500 applications she sent to find employment, not a single job was offered to her.

The police report says her mother went to wake her up in the morning in her room but did not find her. She rushed to the bathroom and was shocked to meet her daughter’s body.

“Vera Amondi Okoth’s mother went to wake her up but it was clear that she was not in the room, so she went to the bathroom and found a body hanging,” says the the neighbor’s.

When the police from Yala arrived at the scene, they found the body and examined it, they saw that there were no obvious injuries. After this happened, it has been reported that the girl had asked her mother if it would really happen that one day she would be lucky enough to get a job.

The police also discovered that she had a Bachelor of Science degree awarded in 2019 from the Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST). Although there was no paper left by her explaining the reason for her suicide, her certificates were found on the bed. The body is kept in Siaya mortuary waiting for surgery.

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