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A village elder was attacked by his wife for allegedly having a Side Chick


A village elder of the Manga clan in Nyamira County was on Tuesday admitted to the Kisii Referral Hospital after his wife reportedly injured him by hitting him on the head with a hammer.

The man, aged 50, also lost his left eye during the confrontation at night in Nyaboterere village. The eye was removed after surgery. Doctors said the optic nerve was damaged beyond repair and thus had to be removed.

The wife was accusing the victim of having side chick, the allegations that sparked the argument.

“Recently he had accused me of dating women and that I was wasting our family’s income on them, accusations which are false and misleading,” he told reporters from his hospital bed.

The decision to sell part of his farm and keep the money in the bank was to pay the tuition fees of the university and various colleges.

“This step, however, raised more suspicions from the wife,” he added.

The guy said he had to withdraw it from the bank and bring all the money home in a box.

“It seems she was not convinced that I had saved money in the bank for our children and instead she started going around falsely accusing me among my children that I had sent it to prostitutes,” he said. “To bring peace I went and brought all Sh260,000 to her and handed it over to her. I suspect that this has a hand in the attempt to kill me,” he said while in the hospital on Tuesday evening.

The man now says he fears that he may suffer from paralysis for a long time due to the injuries and asked good samaritans to help him get money for his children after his wife ran away with the money.

The police have started an investigation into the cause of the incident as they continue to search for the woman.

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