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A tribe whose people die when they wear normal clothes


Meet an indigenous tribe whose culture is very strange – it is against the customs and traditions to wear normal clothes. The only clothing that they protect is animal skin, and as soon as a member of that tribe tries to wear normal clothing that is not animal skin, he dies!

This is a Ngobi tribe from Uganda where wearing animal skins – wives for husbands, children for adults – is not only a tradition but also their way of life.

In a story that was done by a blog that focuses on cultural issues in Africa, they noted that the tribe lives by wearing animal skins not because of poverty but because of protecting and respecting their traditions.

“This tribe has met the president, some have gone to the parliament and even when attending ceremonies of any kind, the whole time they wear animal skins, you may see them in the city and think they are demented, but they are completely sane.

Some even own luxury cars, luxurious mansions, but you won’t find them in beautiful clothes and attractive fashions,” the narrative revealed.

In what is surprising, their wearing of animal skins is not their choice but a tradition from their ancestors. The tribe has embraced all kinds of modern technology but when it comes to modern clothing they draw a wide red line.

“Animal skins not only cover them as clothing, but also symbolize the spiritual powers that are transmitted from one generation to another by their ancestors. And when the ancestors spread that power to you, you cannot refuse it.”

They found this out after their grandfather fell ill and died of an illness which later came to infect the grandmother and then the grandson for trying to disobey their tradition.

“They discovered this after their grandmother died and later her illness moved to the grandfather and then the grandson. And that’s how they knew that in order to survive, they have to obey to wear animal skins,” the narration said.

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