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A teacher was arrested for allegedly Chopping and killing his son who is said to have mistreated him


A retired teacher yesterday allegedly killed his son by cutting him with a machete in Tharaka-Nithi County following a dispute over money earned after selling cattle.

The sad incident took place in Marichiu village, Iruma Locality in Maara Constituency on Tuesday, around four o’clock in the night. Elder Fabian Kaburu, 71, who continues to be detained by the police pending charges, has been alleged to have cut his son Cliff Mwenda, 28, on the head several times.

Mr Mwendwa died on the spot. The second son of the old man, Mr Maxwell Gitonga, 38, who arrived there to try to separate the two, has also been hospitalized with serious sword wounds on the left side of the neck, chest and also the fingers of the left hand.

Some family members and villagers claimed that the retired teacher has had a strong difference with his son who has been bothering him a lot at home. They claimed that the deceased has been asking his father to give him money while sometimes stealing household and neighbor goods.

He has been doing it to get money to buy alcohol. On the day of the incident, Mr Mwenda wanted to be distributed the money from the sale of the cow a few weeks ago. Family members said that the deceased has been bothering his father wanting to receive his share from the sale. However, his father has been telling him that he used the money to meet his family’s various needs.

But he returned at the end of the month when he learned his father had received his pension. According to his relatives, Mr Mwenda attacked his father with a machete when he was drunk and demanded money and the chaos broke out. That’s when Gitonga’s brother came to help and save his father who was burdened by Mwenda and was in danger. Things continued to get worse after Mr Gitonga, 38, was turned on by the deceased who cut him with a machete.

According to the police report, Mzee Kaburu saw that Gitonga who had come to help him was in danger, used force and snatched Mwenda’s machete from him and then cut his head and killed him on the spot. The village elder Justus Mwitari made a report about the incident at the Magutuni police station and the police arrived and then carried Mwenda’s body to the Chuka Level Five Hospital mortuary.

Mzee kaburu was found at home where he was arrested and taken to the police station awaiting the presentation of charges in the Chuka Court. The resident, Ms. Mary Kaari, said that the deceased was a nuisance to them because he used to steal from them and break into their houses.

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