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A survey shows women are more likely to borrow money due to the difficult lives they go through.


KENYANS have now turned to borrowing from their relatives and friends due to the difficulty of life, with women leading it.

According to a survey released on Monday by the Infotrak Harris organization, 52 percent of women said they have turned to borrowing money from relatives and friends, compared to 44 percent, who are men.

In total, 48 percent of Kenyans have turned to borrowing. The organization said that the model is one of several methods that Kenyans have invented, to deal with the difficulties of living conditions.

24 percent said they have been receiving support from programs run by the government, 19 percent from Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), 12 percent said they have been getting financial support from different activities on the networks, ten percent from strategies run by their employers to help employees, eight percent said they have no support while one percent were forced to sell their property.

The survey revealed that 73 percent of Kenyans are facing financial problems, saying it has been difficult for them to meet their basic needs such as food, clothing or rent.

Of those Kenyans, 73 percent – 18 percent of them are facing more difficult financial situations, while 55 percent are facing challenges to meet basic needs. Only five percent said they live in a good situation without worrying about finances, while 22 percent said they did not see any change in their lives.

As a result, 45 percent said they had to do alternative work to improve their income, while 41 percent had to reduce their spending on non-essential issues. The study said 18 percent of Kenyans have had to take loans to deal with the economic problems they face.

This comes at a time when the government insists it is doing everything possible to improve the economic situation in the country, many Kenyans said that these conditions have brought them health effects.

According to the research, 48 percent of Kenyans said they suffer from anxiety and mental problems, 32 percent said that these conditions have affected their relationships with their lovers or close friends, 21 percent said they have been affected physically while 18 percent are suffering from mental health problems.