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A mysterious Robbery That Only Targets Churches And Cemeteries!


Residents of Kirai village in Gatundu constituency, Kiambu county have remained in a state of fear following cases of mysterious theft.

According to the residents, the gang of thieves who have been carrying out a series of strange robberies have been aiming to break into churches to steal offerings but also to break iron pillars that are surrounded in the courtyard of cemeteries.

According to discoveries from the media the Anglican church and the KAG church are some of the churches that have already been robbed.

“Thieves broke into the church at night and removed the metal from the toilet of the church, entered the church and took some electronic products,” Peter Ndirangu, a member of the KAG church was quoted. “This is not the first time these thieves have invaded our church and left us counting many losses,” he added angrily.

Ndirangu said that despite filing a report at the police station, no suspect has been arrested as he suspects that the gang probably has a lot of influence in government agencies.

Another pastor named Esther Wanjeri told the media that the thieves also broke into the ACK church but did not manage to steal anything. However, some villagers are now blaming the scrap metal brokers for sending the young men to bring products to them but instead they went ahead to destroy the areas and take the metal.

“Some bad brokers in the sector of buying junk apartments are the ones who are inciting this invasion. It is time that they be confirmed to ensure the safety of the villagers,” said Peter Ndung’u who is the chairman of the ACK Kirai church.

Moreover they urged that its high time for this young men to engage themselves in manual work to avoid theft that can ruin their lives.