Home CRIME A Kenyan Arrested in the US for Allegedly Killing a Firewood Seller

A Kenyan Arrested in the US for Allegedly Killing a Firewood Seller



A Kenyan citizen who lives in Fort Worth, Texas, USA, was arrested and detained on suspicion of killing a man whom he saw delivering firewood to his neighbor.

Christantus Omondi, 27, is alleged to have been raped and left his house naked and then killed the man who had brought firewood to his neighbor. Mr Omondi has been accused of murder and also wounding a security guard and preventing him from performing his duties.

He will continue to be detained in a rehabilitation center after being released on Sh50 million bail. The event took place during this period when the winter season continues to be witnessed in the eastern part of America with more than 30 people passing away due to being overwhelmed by the cold.

Mr Omondi’s neighbor, who did not want his name to be quoted by the media, had hired the deceased to bring him firewood to prevent himself from being exposed to severe cold in his house. However, things changed after they were attacked by the Kenyan naked and in a mysterious way.

“The driver who was delivering firewood was beaten to death by a man who was naked,” court documents said. The police in Texas confirmed the incident and said that after the incident, he went to another house that he had rented and threatened to kill another person who lived near the room.

“The deceased was carrying out his duty to deliver firewood to his client at the residence in Fort Worth. The owner of the house came out to help him,” said the police. The owner of the house managed to escape and says Mr Omondi was showing the severity and anger to hurt anyone.

The one who had been taken to the woods told reporters in Dallas that Mr Omondi was aiming to kill them all.

“I believe in my soul that he was sent to kill us,” he said.

After the police were called to his house, they found Mr Omondi still naked and surprised that the cold was also strong. When they found him, they handcuffed him and took him away. The officers found the driver, Scotty Jackson, 51, dead after being hit with a blunt instrument from the neck to the head. Records show that it is not the first time that Mr, Omondi has been involved in criminal matters. He has evaded arrest and is also accused of pointing a gun at a security officer.