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A 42-year-old woman who was born without a vagina tells how she created an artificial vagina for herself


A 42-year-old woman has given a heart-wrenching account of how she struggled for years after discovering she was born without a private part of her vagina.

Ally Hensley was a teenager when doctors revealed she was born without a vagina.

Speaking on the Samantha X podcast, Hensley said that for years, she felt like her identity centered around her ‘disability’.

She was surprised that everyone who found out about her condition would start to ‘undress her with her eyes’ to find out if she would ‘look like she came down there’.

Speaking on the Xposed Podcast with Samantha X, Ally put the image to rest and explained that she looks ‘just like any other woman’ on the outside, the Daily Mail said.

The rare condition of vaginal birth is scientifically called Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser Syndrome (MRKH), and affects one in 5,000 women worldwide to varying degrees, the publication reported.

Her diagnosis meant she was also born without a womb and uterus and would never have children of her own.

“I spent years being ashamed of my body, feeling like I wasn’t a normal woman and having to deal with the fact that I couldn’t have children,” she said.

“I didn’t feel like a normal woman, and I created bad relationships with men, and I struggled with feelings of self-worth, self-confidence and questioning “Am I woman enough?” she added.

To complicate matters, Ally was born with ovaries so her estrogen was normal for a woman. She had hips, hips and no one would know to look at her that she didn’t have a fallopian tube.

“I felt like a freak. I felt that loneliness and shame was obvious. And if there is ever a time when the feeling is too great to understand, it was true then I was sad. I just felt dirty. I felt less than normal.”

‘Imagine how distressing it was as a teenage girl, constantly discussing my sexuality with doctors and my parents.’

Much of the conversation revolved around penetrative sex.

She was told if she ever wanted to experience it she would have to change her anatomy and was told to choose between surgery or dilation – which meant creating her own vagina with medical dilators.

‘I chose to expand, I wanted to create my own vagina. My pubic ‘dimple’ was no more than a thumbnail in length and I had to stretch it to at least five inches.’

While friends her age were dating, having sex and enjoying a ‘normal’ life, Ally was holed up in her bedroom twice a day, having her vagina shaped with plastic dilators.

It took nine months of inserting hard pink tubes into her dimple so hard that her knuckles were sore.

‘It was painful. Quite simply I felt disgusted, ashamed, and degraded.’

Once her vagina reached a certain length, Ally was able to make love to penetrate.


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