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6 Best Ways to Stop Loud Snoring Like a Lion While You Sleep.


If you have a problem with snoring you are not alone: ​​The number of people who snore while sleeping is high in the world. This condition occurs when air passes through the throat during sleep breathing. This causes the relaxed throat muscles to vibrate and produce a disgusting snoring sound.

Snoring can disturb your or your partner’s sleep. Even if it doesn’t bother you, it’s not a situation to ignore. In fact, snoring can be a dangerous health condition, including: Professionally blocked airways Obstructive sleep apnea (blocked airways)

  • Obesity
  • A problem with your mouth, nose, or throat
  • system Sleep deprivation.

Sometimes, snoring can be a problem caused by sleeping on your back or drinking alcohol shortly before going to bed.

Ways to prevent snoring

Although it is good to seek the advice of a doctor when you are faced with the problem of snoring while sleeping, there are simple ways that can get rid of this situation. Here are the 5 best methods that can be useful for you when you are looking for a cure to stop snoring.

1. Lose weight and focus on a healthy diet Being overweight (obesity) can cause a person to snore. The fat around the neck constricts the airways and prevents air from easily passing out or in.

2. Try sleeping on your side instead of sleeping on your back When sleeping on your back, your tongue or any fatty tissue can lie down or compress and block the airway. Sleeping on your side prevents this.

3. Stop drinking alcohol before going to bed. Alcohol makes the muscles of the throat relax more than usual when you sleep and thus contributes to the shaking of those muscles and eventually produces a disgusting snoring sound.

4. Stop or reduce smoking Cigarette smoke greatly affects the airways in the nose and throat to and from the lungs, and causes swelling. This condition causes a narrowing of the airways and thus causes snoring.

5. Make sure your nostrils are open. It is better to use the nose when breathing instead of the mouth. If there are obstacles blocking your nose, it is good to see a doctor for advice because, those obstacles may be caused by ‘allergy’ or other recurring problems such as flu or nasal polyps.

6. Use a pillow while sleeping. Making sure that you sleep with your head slightly elevated will help you reduce the problem of snoring as it will help ensure that there is an open air passage.

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