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5 Things to Consider Before Buying a New Laptop in Kenya

New Laptop in Kenya

New Laptop in Kenya, Headway in innovation has facilitated a great deal of exercises which recently was done through desk work.

Despite the fact that individuals use tablets and smartphones, composing particularly investigate themes just as gaming is better on a laptop.

Purchasing another laptop that will be helpful to you and serve all of you what you need can be a test. In any case, here are various things to note with the goal that you are the correct way to the extent purchasing another laptop is concerned;

1. Battery life

A laptop that will serve you at least eight hours without being recharged will be the best for you if you are a traveler. Even though a manufacturer might not be honest about this, read any reviews of the device you wish to buy.

2. Connectivity

One of the main reasons why people buy these electronic devices is to browse the internet and share data with other devices. Choose a laptop that can connect efficiently to the internet and has at least three USB ports as these will allow the transfer of files effectively.

3. RAM (Random Access Memory)

For your laptop to have more applications running, choose a laptop whose RAM is high. A laptop whose RAM is 32GB is faster, efficient and can access more data at the same time compared to a laptop whose RAM is 4GB.

4. Keyboard quality

When choosing on what laptop to buy, go for a laptop with a comfortable keyboard. Settle for a  keyboard that will make your long typing sessions worthy while and one that is easy to navigate on all its keys.

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5. Size

Go for a laptop that is smaller and lighter if portability is your priority. In case you are a constant traveler or a student, a laptop weighing one kilogram and a small screen will be the best for you.

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