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5 Magic Tricks  That Will Help You Beat Academics and Luck.Read this and you will have your dream job by next month.


5 Magic Tricks That Will Help You Beat Academics and Luck.Read this and you will have your dream job by next month.

Growing up we are given the notion that Education is the key to success, however lately some feel whoever said these words may have changed the locks. Now everyone is in search of another key.

Living in a country where close to 3 quarters are educated less descent jobs to be proud of, with a handful of millionaires finding their way into every lucrative deal. Let’s say good grades are resting in dusty files at home with the hope of finding a dream job some day.

However to be honest this is not the time to have a one directional mindset. Those who went for the papers have put them aside and are struggling to find other things to rely on.

Those who went for more theoritical courses have resorted to finding skills to identify with. Many sectors of the economy today do not employ front office managers but rather skilled personel who are directly engaged in production. Processing plants and industries are looking for skilled laborors despite their education background. It all depends on how good and creative one is in a particular field.

These include plaiting, tailoring, plumbing, electrification, building and Construction, driving, installations etc etc.

Everything has advanced in terms of technology and each sector needs a bite of the daily advancing ICT to be able to make prompt production and Communications. Basic knowledge in IT and it’s affiliate skills can attract a good number of clientele and not just that. Firms will hire based on speed and accuracy when it comes to handling tech devices. Being able to navigate a computer and most times use basic and critical systems, machines, can be a life changing opportunity. Currently IT is offered in many institutions of higher learning in order to equip students with necessary skills as they endeavour to thrive in the current market of opportunities.

This is one very important bridge to success. The CEO’s, managers and heads of companies you wish to meet are not regular persons who foot to work every other day. They are busy persons driving from one meeting to another. They tend to have little time to waste and whenever they have a chance, a meeting can take place in a car, virtually or phisically. Once in a while during weekends it’s possible to bump into them with the view of exchanging pleasantries, socialising or even asking them for a job. Thing is, you must be very tactical in doing so. Once you begin with jobs as low as driving, they may find you important.

Imagine saving them the hurdles of driving and conversing on phone at the same time. Or even the hustle of having to take their car to the car wash on their own. If you happen to be a close friend, once in a while they may need you to drive their car to the car wash and this may pay handsomely at the end with a good reward. Remember the rich do not have time for idlers. Engagements with them are based on need and importance.

Taking good shower, a little bit of fragrance and keeping hair, nails short and clean is a win when it comes to seeking the attention of seniors. In a hall full of staff, the boss could be attracted to one particular one for no other reason except their grooming. Dressing up to a clean, fashionable expensive suit in a sharp way attracts more respect and attention. A focused man or lady is a friend of the bathroom, barber shop, salon, boutique and even mouth freshener mint. They tell alot about our awaiting opportunities and promotions with or without a descent job.

We are living in the era of religion which is a major shareholder in life before politics and career. The church has made a handful rich, connected many yo their dream jobs and brought together persons of different classes under one roof. Much as we go to church or mosque to pray, it is the best place to find a partner, a job, a business deal, a tender or even a contract to undertake an assignment.

Regular church goes who are closer to the church leadership or pastor tend to reap more. Those who move closer to the leadership gain even more because the church network to business or politics cannot be undermined. Information glow in our places of worship than anywhere else. Some say clubs and bars but I refute. Today the Church and the mosque play critical role towards achieving one’s goals.

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