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5 African Countries that Experience Snowfall | Countries in Africa where Snow Falls


The African climate is mainly a hot and dry one as the continent’s diverse area is covered by desert. This makes Africa not to get so cold to the point of snowing. But there are a few African countries that experience snowfall due to low temperatures, high amount of rain or precipitation and high elevation.

















This list consists of countries that experience free snowfall and those that snow is only experienced in selected mountainous areas. While this list is diverse, it is worth noting that majority of the countries are from the North.












1. Tunisia

Tunisia is a northern country and they experience snowfall during the winter season from December up to late February each year. It is mostly experienced in the central and northern parts of the country. During this time, especially in December, the country receives relatively high amount of rain with temperature dropping significantly during the day to as low as 10°C.














2. South Africa

South Africa is quite large and so not all the parts experience snowfall. Areas such as Drakensberg and Cape have so low temperatures that leads to snow when the temperature is low to a point like 4°C. Snow is more in the Western and Northern Cape where it can be experienced five days annually. This starts in June to August.

















3. Algeria

This Northern country is experiencing snow from January all through to February where the intensity of the snow increases gradually from December to January to February which marks the end. The snow is mostly experienced in Setife and Batna regions located in the northern part of the country.


















5. Morocco

This country borders both Mediterranean sea and Atlantic Ocean which gives it the variation in climate and temperature. It also share a small link with the Spain which is a European country. In winter which starts from December to February, the country experience temperature as low as -5°C and at this time snowfall is experienced.










A part from these five countries which experience snow freely, there are other countries which experience snow but in just selected areas;

  • Kenya – Mount Kenya peak
  • Tanzania – Mount Kilimanjaro peak
  • Uganda – Rwenzori Mountains
  • Ethiopia – Simien mountains























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