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4 Nigerians arrested after a rapper fell from the 5th floor and died in Riruta


Detectives are holding four Nigerian men in connection with the death of a 25-year-old man in Riruta, Nairobi.

The victim identified as Charles Waga Otieno is said to have jumped from the fifth floor of the apartment building after an altercation with four Nigerians. Waga was a budding rapper, his friends said.

The four were residents of the apartment building. The police visited the scene and found that the man had gone to deliver a carpet to the house on the seventh floor, room 56 rented by a Nigerian who paid him Sh400 for the job.

Later, the deceased was heard screaming as he took off his clothes and jumped from the fifth floor to the ground floor where he suffered severe head injuries. He was rushed to Coptic Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival, police said.

The four Nigerians were arrested pending investigation into the incident. Police said they are investigating the murder. It is not clear what prompted the man to jump to his death naked in the Monday afternoon incident. The body was moved to the mortuary pending an autopsy.

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