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30th Street Station contacts and address

30th Street Station contacts and address

Find below the customer service details of 30th Street Station, Philadelphia. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the transport hub.

2955 Market St Philadelphia,
PA 19104, United States

Phone: 800-872-7245
Phone: 215-580-7800 (SEPTA)

About 30th Street Station
If you’re in Philadelphia, you’re in luck – there’s a beautiful intermodal center right in the heart of the city. The 30th Street Station has been around since 1933 and is still an essential part of the local transportation network. It is a great place to start your journey or take a break after a busy day of shopping or exploring. Moreover, it offers easy commute options making it a great place to stay while you’re in town.

Officially called the William H. Gray III 30th Street Station, it is a major transportation hub in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. SEPTA Regional Rail, Amtrak, and NJ Transit services are available at the station. In 2018, the station handled more than 4 million intercity passengers, ranking third in Amtrak traffic behind Penn Station in Manhattan and the Union Station in Washington, D.C., and ranked 12th overall among North American train stations.

This buzzing train station has all the amenities you’ll need, including restaurants, cafes, wall outlets, charging kiosks, luggage lockers, free WiFi, convenience stores, restrooms, metropolitan lounge, bike racks, ATMs, and vending machines. Open 24 hours and throughout the week, parking services are provided by Amtrak and the Pennsylvania Economic Development Financing Authority (PEDFA). Overnight and same-day parking are available for a fee. Currently, Amtrak owns the parking beneath the station, while PEDFA owns the parking garage. Third parties also operates parking facilities at 30th Station.

For tickets, you can use ticketing counters and vending machines available at the station. Apart from that, online ticket booking is available through Amtrak and third-party websites. Amtrak offers cancellation and refund on most fares. You can request for cancellation and get a refund online. You can also contact Amtrak directly via phone, email, or walk into the station counter. Besides managing tickets, you can also complaint on lost baggage on the Amtrak website. You need to fill out necessary details regarding the lost item and your journey in the lost item report. You will receive a reference ID through which you can track the status of the lost baggage.

Speaking of the connecting trains and stations, the popular trains that run through 30th Street Station include Acela, Vermonter, Cardinal, Carolinian, Crescent, Northeast Regional, Paoli/Thorndale Line, Media/Elwyn Line, Airport Line, Wilmington/Newark Line, West Trenton Line, Lansdale/Doylestown Line, to name a few. The connecting stations include New York, Washington, D.C., Boston, Trenton, Lancaster, Paoli, Harrisburg, Richmond, Stamford, Newark, among others. Visit the respective websites of Amtrak, SEPTA Regional Rail, and NJ Transit to learn the schedule and find information on connecting trains in and out of Philadelphia.

With the 30th Street Station offering a wide range of services and amenities for the convenience of travelers, it definitely stands apart from the rest. Due to its strategic location, the station has become a prominent transit hub for commuters and tourists alike.