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Find out where the former famous musicians are


In the last few years, we have seen some talented musicians who have now disappeared from the industry. Some have been accepted even after giving a strong dance.

We will look at some of those musicians.

1. C-zars

C-zars is a musician known for his song “Awake Ukatike” which brought him fame. At 17, C-zars was already making headlines for his music. C-zars disappeared in 2006, a week after sitting his KCSE exam. It is not known where he went. In an interview with journalist John Muchiri, Mzee Makasi, father of C’zars, said that all the fame went to his son’s head until he was arrested at Mombasa police station for truancy.

Elder Makasi continued and explained that no musician wanted to work with his young man because they felt threatened by his young man’s talent.

“No musician liked him out here in Mombasa, it was very evident. They all felt threatened by his instant success,” his father said.

He believes that there are some other reasons that led to the disappearance of his son.

“Even after all those painful days, I am still hopeful and waiting patiently. Either he shows up or at least I get to know what happened to him,” I have faith and wait patiently for him to return home”, Elder Makasi said.

2. GidiGidi

– MajiMaji After releasing their album “Many faces” they toured America and Europe and since then, the group has not made music together besides their regular shows. They are known for their song “Atoti” and “Unbwogable”.

GidiGidi MajiMaji are hiphop singers whose songs are mostly in the Jaluo language, as well as English and Kiswahili. Unlike many hip hop artists in the country, GidiGidi MajiMaji freely mixes African rhythms with their music.

MajiMaji who is also known as Julius Owino is the executive director of a radio station in this country and has grown as such since February 14, 2014 until now. GidiGidi is the presenter of the morning show Gidi and Ghost on Radio Jambo. Majimaji has also released a song with a musician known as Blinky Bill. Blinky featured him on his Boss song for his “We Cut Keys 2” album.

3. Elani

 Elani is a group that includes Maureen Kunga, Wambui Ngungi and Bryan Chweya. All of them are currently doing their own projects. Bryan Chweya, one of the group spoke after people complained that they are very quiet and are not together, explaining that there is no day he has never been together. They have released several albums like Barua ya Dunia, Seven Places, Elani Instrumentals, Colors Of Love and Speaking in Cursive.

He continued and said that even Nyashinski took a break for ten years and still returned to music.

“We have many projects that we are working on and regardless of guys complaining that we have been silent for long, there is no day that Elani will not be together”. “For example rapper Nyashinski went on more than a 10 year hiatus and he came back with one big song and it was like he never left”, Bryan explained.

Wambui also explained that everyone must be given the opportunity to grow.

“What we have understood as a group is that it is important, especially if you exist in a music group to give each member an opportunity to explore their other gifts”

4. Camp Mulla

Despite their success, they announced that they would no longer be releasing music together in 2013. In 2013, Camp mulla released their first single “Party don’t stop” from their album “Funky Town” and that was the only album they released as a group.

After their split, they reunited at a concert in 2017 and their fans were overjoyed as they assumed they were back to making music together. The most famous from the group is Miss Karuna who is doing her own music and she is doing very well.


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