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What you should know about the month of men growing a beard

It’s time to say goodbye to your razor for a few weeks and be a natural with your beard before the anniversary. That’s right: It’s No Shave November.
The mustache movement has taken a social turn since its arrival in 2009, and everyone from men of all walks of life showed up this month to show how they can grow beards and mustaches, The Enquirer reports.
But did you know that trend has raised millions of dollars towards cancer research? Or that it has a sister movement, Movember, dedicated solely to growing a mustache during November? Here’s everything to know about this online trend and its impact on society.
What is No Shave November? And when did it start?
The official No Shave November organization was launched in 2009, when a Chicago-based family decided to use the trend to raise money for cancer charities. The program was born in honor of their father, Matthew Hill, who died of colon cancer in November 2007.
Part of the mission, the organization’s website says, is to have people embrace their hair, given that many cancer patients often lose their hair during treatment.
The Hill family launched a Facebook page for people who ditch their razors and want to document their hair woes, donating what they would normally spend on grooming (from a few dollars for a shave to $100 on a salon visit) to cancer organizations,
The Enquierer they say more. What started as a small Facebook page with members donating their own money to fight cancer has blossomed into a global phenomenon benefiting various cancer foundations.


Since 2009, the family-founded organization has raised more than $12 million for other non-profit organizations pursuing cancer awareness, research and prevention.
This year, No Shave November is supporting 12 nonprofits, including the American Cancer Society, the Kidney Cancer Association and the Pediatric Brain Tumor Association, their website said.
How are you participating in No Shave November?
Participate in No Shave November by following these two simple steps:
  1. Say “goodbye” to your razor and let your beard flow!
  2. Set up a personal No Shave November fundraising page at no-shave.org and start collecting money from family and friends.

The information is available on the website of the non-governmental organization.

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