Businesswoman Nancy Kigunzu, known as ‘Mathe wa Ngara’ on the streets, is still in the court’s trap after failing to free herself. This is after the court denied her bail in a drug trafficking case.However, the businesswoman who is seen as a threat in society has led the Court not to look only at her as a businesswoan but at many children whose lives were being destroyed by his business and others who risked them in the operation of the illegal business of distributing on the streets.

Thus, the court in its decision regarding the bail request confirmed his danger to society and the airplane due to his involvement in drug trafficking. In addition, Judge Njeri Thuku said that giving her bail is not legal considering that many victims would like to have justice served. Although Nancy and the other three accused, Eugine Jumbo, were also denied bail, they will continue to be detained until the drug trafficking case is mention again and decided.

Meanwhile, her co-accused, Teresia Wanjiru, has been given Ksh. 50,000 cash bail. However, he will be required to provide the contact information of two people, one of whom is a blood relative, and appear before the JKIA law courts within seven days to submit a social report. ‘Mathe Wa Ngara’ has been detained since his arrest on August 21 in connection with a drug bust in Ngara Nairobi, where Ksh.13.4 million in cash was also seized.
Kigunzu, who collapsed during a bail hearing on Monday, told the court that her health condition requires constant monitoring and medication and that he fears that if she is denied bail, her condition will worsen.

While in front of Judge Njeri Thuku, Kigunzu denied claims that she is dangerous and that he would avoid court cases.
Through her lawyer Danstan Omari, Kigunzu said that although she was arrested in the downtown area of ​​Nairobi, her children were arrested in a residential house, questioning that she has a house and the police know about it.

SHe also denied claims that he would interfere with the witnesses in the case, saying that all the witnesses are police officers and she has no authority to interfere with them.
Also present in court were Kigunzu’s co-accused Teresia Wanjiru and two others, who also wanted to be released on bail.
Through their lawyers, the defendants say that the prosecution has not established the basic reasons for allowing them to remain in custody.